Indian Premier League fixture

The Indian Premier League began to develop the way cricket played in India ultimately, and the tournament opened its doors to the entertainment industry too. A year before the start of the tournament, India had recorded a 2007 T20 World Cup victory, after which every cricket lover of India was excited about T20 cricket. A planned celebration of IPL (Indian Premier League) tournament in new lines to redeem the deewangi (madness) of Indian cricket lovers. The tournament was planned like the English Premier League and the U.S. National Basketball League (NBA). The full mind behind this first IPL tournament was of great Lalit Modi, who became the Commissioner of IPL. This tournament was begun in the year 2008.


The Indian Premier League (IPL in brief) has a 20-20 competition run by the Cricket Control Board. A professional 20-20 Cricket league in India of the Indian Premier League (IPL) representing Individual teams,  Every individual team select their Indian city name, and after selection of cities name, they fought elections every year. Lalit Modi, member of India (BCCI) in the league, 2007, was set up by the Cricket Control Board in April and May of every year.

Indian Premier League Fixture

The 13 teams have to compete with each other; celebrities and business tycoons own these teams. An auction is organized where the cricketers from all over the world are sold at very high rates. The famous is the cricketer; the rates are higher similar to its popularity and its gaming spirit.


With 8 teams, every team plays with each other twice in a home and away round robin tournament. At the tip of the league stage, the top four teams are eligible for the finals. The top two teams play each other in the first early-round match, with the winner going straight into the finals while the loser goes on the second early round. The third and fourth place teams have to decide who will take on the losers from the first-ever match of the preliminary series to play each other. The winner of the second initial round game will move on to the final where the winner will be crowned as the Indian Premier League champion.


Indian Premier League Fixture

In Indian Premier League, a fixture is designed, in which they show the date/time, venue and the teams. The fixtures are designed in a way, that when two teams play with each other at that time, the other teams will get time for the practice session. There is no collision seen that a single team will play twice on the same day. The total number of teams are divided equally into categories where teams have to play cricket. Sometimes a privilege is given to the team, where a team gets immunity from playing a match, called ‘bye.’ Consolation tournaments are also organized where defeated teams had the opportunity to come back in the tournament.


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